Journey of a 3rd year Naturopathic Medical Student

I begin this blog as a 3rd year Naturopathic Medical student where in a few weeks I will be interning in student clinic. YAY!

I begin this blog after taking all of the basic sciences and clinical sciences that will shape me into being the best student intern I can be. Too bad I never wrote about these experiences, although they would be quite boring. Who wants to discuss the fundamentals of cell physiology anyway? Not I.

I begin this blog after passing my part 1 basic science boards that were taken this year, February 5th 2013 to be exact.

And lastly, I begin this blog..Well actually it’s a continuation of blogs that I have started and never finished many many many times before. I am determined to see this blog through!

How did my journey begin?

My journey began around 2007 during the earlier stages of the “natural hair movement”. I subscribed to multiple hair forums: Nappturality, Blackhairmedia and the Longhaircareforum. Through these forums, I came across a wealth of information not limited to discussing proper hair care techniques and how to grow strong, long natural hair. I became addicted to learning how to better myself through green smoothies, juicing, to learning about various supplements, to learning how to properly care for African-American natural hair and etc.

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor!

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, since the age of watching Trauma Life in the ER and the Tv hit series ER. In high school I was apart of the medical sciences academy where I excelled in everything I put my effort into. I ranked top 5 in the National HOSA (Health Occupations Student of America) competition in the category, medical terminology. I also placed 1st in both the regional and state HOSA competitions.

I even imagined myself as being the first black surgeon general (but someone else took the title). Oh well :/

Well what happened?

Approximately a year before I graduated with my BS in Biological sciences, I spent some time thinking about my future and how I was going to make an impact. I no longer had a passion for going to medical school. I did not want to be in student loan debt and spend the rest of my life rushing through physical exams and being a slave to the prescription pad. I wanted to spend time with my patients, listen to them as they tell me about their concerns and their troubles. I wanted to make a difference in their world! I did not want to sit there face to face and tell them what they were already thinking, that they were limited to just 3 options, invasive procedures, chemicals or death.

It was then that through these forums I found Naturopathic Medicine, an approach to wellness and health being rekindled by those who like me want to give their patients options, to give their patients a sense of empowerment and to optimize their health in unlimited ways. It is an approach to health that investigates the root cause of disease, treats the cause and therefore cures or lessens the symptoms of the disease progression. It aids in optimizing your health to keep you strong and acts as one of the best ways to prevent illness.

Naturopathic medicine is the future of preventative medicine. A future I plan to make a difference in.

Therefore, I no longer chose the route of an MD, but that of an ND (Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine)

& What is a Naturopath or Naturopathic doctor? How can they help me? Help the world?

You’ll see 🙂

– ❤ KISH


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